You might say that Sally Snyder is the “Grandma Moses” of her time, for she did not write and illustrate her first book until after retiring from education in 2001.  Furthermore, she had no idea that writing and illustrating one book would lead to another!

As a former third grade teacher, sharing good literature with her students was the highlight of her day.  It was also the opportunity to learn about the lives of the writers and illustrators.

As a child, she knew nothing about the authors and illustrators.  Perhaps seeing their pictures or experiencing a school visit would have sparked more of an interest in reading!

Unfortunately, reading was not her top priority growing up.  That is why she has always stressed the importance of developing a love of reading at an early age.

Has the “reading bug” grabbed you?  If not, what are your interests?  Do you like stories about animals or sports?  Perhaps you like reading biographies of the great leaders of our country and the world.  There are so many wonderful books available for children of all ages. 

Reading is like going on an adventure.  You have the opportunity to visit far-away places and meet interesting characters.  Rather than waiting to develop a love of reading later in life as she did, Sally hopes you will let the “reading bug” grab hold of you right now…right this very minute! 

Happy Reading!